What’s with this blog?

Did you ever feel as if you are only doing what you should be doing, as if the future was already written and you know exactly what is going to happen next?

This is what happened to me in the past years as I realised that my life is taking a well-known path: childhood, school, university, partying, work. So what is next to come: having children and dying? I felt that I have to do something out of the routine, something different. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job and friends, but I felt that there is something more to this world than what I already knew.

At first, I just fantasized about travelling to far away places, meeting new people and having a worry-free, different type of life. My first thought was to go for a few months to Australia to work as a waitress and just enjoy the sea. Than I started talking about it with friends. First reactions were as dreamy as mine. “Yeah, it would be great, but it is impossible.” It is not common in Romania to take time off to travel, so I also believed that is impossible. All it took was to find that one person to ask me “Why is it impossible?”.

My brain went into a fever and started working on a plan. It was as if doors kept opening just because I set my mind to it and had the patience to look for the right door:

  • Australia was not an option because of no short-term working visas for Romanians. Nonetheless, I discovered volunteering, which is even a better option. I always believed that I would make a good teacher if I just had the opportunity, so now I found my opportunity with english teaching volunteering 🙂
  • I borrowed money from my best friend
  • I took 2 months vacation without payment

…and here I am in Cusco, Peru. I came as an english teaching volunteer through an organisation called IVHQ. I will do this for 6 weeks, followed by 3 weeks of pure travelling in Peru and nearby countries. I have the impression that the Peru experience will put a mark on my life forever.

“Everything is possible if  you just put your mind to it” – this is what I learned so far. Because I believe that others can do the same, I want to dedicate this blog to them.


4 Responses to What’s with this blog?

  1. Adi says:

    🙂 I “like” you travel_Girl ! Maybe because you are a “Maramures” girl also is why you put yourself the same questions which I also did some time ago…. But take care… the danger is that you will start to like to explore and it will be hard to stop. Going out of the confort zone is the real challenge in what you do …. so now… have fun… 🙂

  2. Anca says:

    hi travel girl, it seams that we are sharing a similar experience, not only that we are both from Rumania,” the wonderland”,I was also tavelling the world upside down, pushed by the same feeling, the necessity of exploring new culture and people…good luck with this adventure and keep us informed 🙂
    btw, here u have my blog also : http://ancakiss.blogspot.ro/ is about nutrition and balance between body and mind…kisses from the cold Rumania 🙂

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